What is Enterprise Mode?

Enterprise Mode, a compatibility mode that runs on Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 Update and Windows 7 devices, lets websites render using a modified browser configuration that’s designed to emulate either Windows Internet Explorer 7 or Windows Internet Explorer 8, avoiding the common compatibility problems associated with web apps written and tested on older versions of Internet Explorer.

How do I set it up?

You will first need to specify which sites will be rendering in Enterprise Mode. To do this you can use the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager Tool for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. You can download it here.

Once you have created your XML file and shared it, you will need to run the following command to enable Enterprise Mode with your list:
Make sure to replace “\\SERVER\sitelist.xml” with the location of your XML file.

reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\EnterpriseMode" /v "Sitelist" /t reg_sz /d "\\SERVER\sitelist.xml" /f

Now you can view your site list in Enterprise Mode!