How to backup your Bitlocker Keys

This script will backup a computer’s Bitlocker key and export it as a text file.


REM Set your backup directory

REM Sets the Date
SET CURRENTDATE="%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%%date:~10,4%"

ECHO Backing up Bitlocker Keys
ping -n 3>nul

REM Copying Bitlocker keys to a textfile
manage-bde -protectors c: -get >"%DIRECTORY%\%CURRENTDATE%_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt

ping -n 3>nul

Automating FTP Downloads

This batch script will compare your local and remote directories, and download what you do not have locally. This can be perfect for someone that has a seedbox and wants to automate their downloads to their local computer. Read more

How to silently install and uninstall Adobe Air applications

In this example I will show you how to silently install Salesforce Chatter 3.2.1. You will first need to download AIR Redistribution Helper (ARH) here.  The AIR Redistribution Helper (ARH) utility is a small executable that you can use as part of a custom installer.
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Printer Install Tool

In my current job, we occasionally have a few large hiring classes through out the year. To make it easier for the new hires, I decided to make a Printer Install Tool which will allow anyone to install any of the printers on the floor. This way I am not being requested for a simple task like this. Follow the steps included in this post and you will be able to do the same!

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